In spite of its ability to be continually recycled, approximately£36 million worth of aluminium is sent to landfill each year.
We support the UK Government’s commitment to fighting climate change and reducing unnecessary waste in the UK and global environment.

RE-AL is founded on the principle of using and managing resources in an efficient and sustainable form. We recognise the need to support industries like the construction and signage industry in recycling aluminium composite materials in a manner that provides a closed-loop solution – returning resources to the production process and reducing landfill.

In the wake of the tragic Grenfell Tower disaster in June 2017, we support the re-cladding of buildings to create a safe home environment and offer a solution to ACM disposal in the form of efficient recycling.

We recognise that the UK Government’s assertion that “80 per cent of the damage inflicted upon the environment when products become waste can be avoided if more thoughtful decisions are made at the production state” and seek to play an important role in returning waste ACM to the production cycle.

The Government’s 25 Year Strategy can be downloaded HERE

​The UK Government’s Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) strategy, “Our waste, Our Resources: A Strategy for England” is available for download HERE