RE:AL is the UK’s first aluminium composite material recycling company.
We aim to not only reduce but eliminate all ACM waste from ending up in landfill via the fabrication, re-cladding and signage sectors.

Up to 15-20 per cent of ACM is wasted and sent to landfill during the cladding panel manufacturing process alone. Add that to the hundreds of buildings across the UK, and thousands across the world that are having cladding removed and replaced with safer, fire-rated alternatives, and it adds up to a disturbing amount of ACM heading to landfill each year.

RE:AL provides sustainability within the construction and signage industries by offering a solution to recycle ACM, using a process that results in truly green separation with no secondary pollution. ACM is diverted from landfill and our target is to recycle 100% of all ACM.

Collection & drop-off

Collection and removal of ACM throughout the UK or drop-off at our facility

Recycled & 100% diverted from landfill

ACM 100% diverted from landfill. All elements recycled and environmentally responsible disposal of all components

Safe processing

Safe and environmentally-friendly processing of raw and scrap material


PROJECT: Greenwich Square, Greenwich London, 2020CONTRACTOR:  MaceDETAILS: In 2020, RE-AL received 10,000m2 of ACM from Mace from the re-cladding of Greenwich Square in London.
Through its unique reprocessing plant at Albrighton, RE:AL separated Aluminium and composite core layers - producing aluminium ingots and Polyethylene (PE) powder to be recycled in future projects.

RE-AL was able to document the process and provide Mace with certification.